Finding long-lasting love and true compatibility is not totally easy. However, the odds tend to be more in our favor if we seek for in the right place. In the Zodiac cycle, every sign will pair better with some certain signs than others. In fact, there are various hypotheses and theories about compatibility between couples, based on a wide variety of factors, involving date of birth. Yes, birthday compatibility is simply a study of whether or not a couple can get along, by their birth date!

How To Make Astrology Compatibility Based On Birthday?

Astrological Zodiac
We all know that there are totally 12 signs in the zodiac, dependent on the 12 months in the year. Birthday compatibility often relates to any sign when a birthday happens. The 12 Zodiac signs will include Aquarius, Virgo, Pisces, Aries, Libra, Taurus, Scorpio, Gemini, Sagittarius, Cancer, Capricorn, and Leo. Such the signs have a tendency to be associated with specific characteristics, such as Capricorn’s drive to success or Libra’s harmony, and the traits combined with each sign will define love compatibility.

Birthday Compatibility By Numerology

Astrology Compatibility By Birthday

Numerology is considered as the art of studying numbers in terms of the birth date. The primary number is detected by utilizing the day of the birthday. May 5, for instance, has the number 5 as the primary number. Then, add the numbers together for double digit numbers. For example, for May 15, we should add 1 + 5 to get a total of 6. When it comes to compatible love, both numbers will be included, and then a clear chart will be applied to identify the compatibility. There are a large number of calculators available on the Internet for us to consider!

Learn Ways To Read The Charts
In spite of any kind of birthday compatibility, we can take advantage of several available charts. Typically, the charts are often numbered from either negative 10 to positive 10 or 1 to 10, relying upon the kind of compatibility option. Whilst numerology avails the number 21, the zodiac versions prefer to use a 1-to-10 chart. Remember that the lower the number is, the less the compatibility is.

For instance, a couple with a compatibility number of positive 9 may have high compatibility, while a couple with negative 9 can have very low compatibility. Almost all of the couples can fall somewhere in the middle. Please understand our number thoroughly before making any compatibility chart!

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