In every individual’s life, marriage plays a vital role. It is the pious moment which you will vow to live your life harmoniously with your life partner, and only death can part both of you. When the right time comes, we start looking for our future spouses who would be there for us the rest of their lives. Wondering what kind of a person your partner is? Is he/she compatible? Getting spouse prediction by date of birth and time can reveal all the answers for your endless questions.

Spouse Prediction Based on Date of Birth and Time

Spouse Prediction Using Birth Chart

How to know your future spouse? By determining the birth date, the time and place you were born, the astrologer will see a reflection of your potential and propensity in your life. Your personal horoscope allows the astrological reader to forecast events and opportunities which may come to you, including your relationships. When asking for a correct horoscope, you must provide your accurate date of birth, time of birth, and place of birth. Otherwise, the accuracy of predictions will get affected. The more precision in the date and time, the more exact information the astrologer can interpret.

Astrology chart or natal chart can also analyze the compatibility between you and your current partner. Nowadays, it’s easy to get yourself a free horoscope or free birth chart online. Simply give your birthday and you can read the answer for the inquiries regarding love matters you have in life.

How Birth Chart Affects to Your Marriage Life?

Generally you love your partner but have no idea if your marriage will be with the same person you love. Predicting future spouse by date of birth and time can explain how will be your life partner by nature. The strengths and weaknesses of him/her will be justified; also, his/her complexion and appearance will be well-interpreted. Most importantly, you will know about the future spouse’s overall personality. Will the predictions match with your current lover? If not, it means you will get married with a person whom you will soon meet later.

Prediction for Life Partner Using Birth Chart

Love Relationship by Date of Birth

When will you start your marital life? In female horoscope, Jupiter is the ruling planet of marriage. And, in male horoscope, Venus plays that vital role. If Venus or Jupiter’s period is near, the chances are on the way. The delay happening in marriage is due to Saturn and other malefic planets. The marriage prediction with astrology will help estimating year and month when you will get married, and even provide the most favorable date for your marriage.

Astrologers usually consider aspects from one’s astrology chart; then, they measure the number of degrees from that person’s planets to the planets in the prospective partner’s astrology chart. By calculating all the potential aspects, the readers are able to make basic predictions about the strengths and weaknesses of the relationship. Also, they can evaluate the staying power of a couple’s relationship and give a forecast about whether or not two people involved will get along well.

Shortly, having spouse prediction by date of birth and time helps you not only determine your future life partner, but also surmise what problems you will face in the relationship.